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How To Write Excellent, Effective, and Attractive Content

As search technology has advanced almost exponentially in recent years, so also have marketers and advertisers been attempting to maximize the amount of attention their websites receive.

A certain amount of this attention, of course, is through search engine optimization, or SEO. If the right combination of keywords continues to appear throughout an article, then the site will come up when those keywords are searched. However, this is really only one step of the process when it comes to marketing a site. It is bad business for a site if a visitor clicks once, finds a long list of repetitive keywords, and never wants to return. The next step to maintaining a site that has a high number of views and consistent readership is to have strong content that is posted at regular intervals. Luckily, there are some basic ways to ensure that any website has a stream of excellent content that will keep people coming back for more.

The first step–which may seem obvious, but is not always followed–is to put sufficient research into any article posting. In an attempt to quickly maximize SEO and drive up page hits, there is an emphasis in internet marketing on producing material …

Rock and Roll Culture in Mexico

By tracing the history of rock and roll in Mexico and the rise of a native countercultural movement, this dissertation analyzes the complex interrelationship between the state, transnational culture industries, and popular cultureduring a period of rapid modernization and regime crisis. The dissertation argues that popular culture referents introduced by foreign capital eventually became “uncontainable” in the context of student revolt, thus culminating in a mass countercultural movement which directly challenged the state’s capacity to control the discourse of national identity.

When rock ‘n’ roll was introduced into Mexico in the late 1950s, it quickly came to epitomize “modern values” and, despite attacks from conservatives, a creolized version of this youth culture was eagerly grafted onto the modernizing aspirations of a rising middle class. The sudden rise of a massive, student-led protest movement against authoritarian rule in the nation’s capital during 1968, however, linked rock music with protest against the regime. Halted by a government massacre, in the movement’s wake a native countercultural movement–”La Onda”–emerged as a vehicle for resistance politics and an outlet for alternative articulations of self and national identity among youth.

The rise of a Mexican counterculture, however, was neither wholly spontaneous nor commercial-free: local and transnational …