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5 Reasons to Start Learning Mandarin Chinese This Year

5 Reasons to Start Learning Mandarin Chinese This Year

Learning a foreign language is an enriching experience, and people are becoming more interested in being able to speak a second language thanks in part to the Internet and affordable travel. Deciding which language to learn, however, can be difficult, and those picking a language to study must decide how much time they have, what they wish to get out of it and how practical it will be. Increasingly, people are looking to Mandarin. Here are five reasons to start learning Mandarin this year.

1. Writing is Not as Hard as You Think

Mandarin has a reputation of being an incredibly difficult language to learn, and this belief is not without merit. Since it and English were developed on opposite sides of Eurasia, they have little in terms of similarities. In addition, the Chinese writing system, which requires people to learn thousands of symbols, is undeniably hard. However, pinyin, which uses standard Latin letters, is widely available in China, and there are plenty of resources available in it. While it is important to learn the Mandarin characters, pinyin writing makes the process of learning the language far easier. There is also another alphabet in common use referred to as bopomofo

How do you successfully list your home “For Sale by Owner”?

How do you successfully list your home “For Sale by Owner”?

Working with a real estate agent is very common when a person decides to sell a home, but it’s also possible to enter the real estate market with a sign that reads, “For sale by owner.” The process of selling a home without the assistance of an agent takes some research, but with enough preparation any homeowner will arrive successfully on the other side of the sales process.

For homeowners who are first-time real estate sellers, the following projects offer the best chance for real estate success.

1. Talk with an agent

Even if a homeowner ultimately decides to sell a home on his own, speaking with a local real estate agent is a perfect way to gain insight into the sales process. Speaking with a real estate agent is also a great way to decide whether going the solo route is feasible or not. Sales statistics from the local area should help a homeowner to figure out the time that might be involved in selling a home, and whether a real estate agent might offer a faster successful sale.

2. Stage the home well

A home buyer needs to see the potential associated with a property, and it’s hard …